Proper dance attire must be worn at all times. Students’ hair must be neat and in place, pulled back off of their face and neck. In Ballet, a bun is required at all times. Loose hair is an impediment while dancing and is a distraction to the dancer during class. When hair is secured properly, it allows the student to completely focus on their dancing. No jewelry (except for small earrings) is to be worn to class or rehearsals. The appropriate dance shoes must be worn in class. Ballet and Jazz can not be executed properly in bare feet or tights. Elastic is to be on all Ballet shoes. Warm-ups may be worn during barre/warm-up at the teacher’s discretion. In order to make accurate technical corrections, the teacher must be able to view the student clearly without the obstruction of extra garments. It is suggested that leotard and tights be worn without undergarments, however there are dance bras and nude dance undergarments with clear straps for the young women who need this. Please change into dance shoes when you arrive.


Girls -Ballet:
◊ Pink Tights; footed are recommended

◊ Leotard (any style) in the graded color as follows:

Pre-Ballet: AnyColor
Primary: Pink
Level1A: White
Level 1B: White
Level2A: LightBlue
Level 2B: Lavender
Level 3: NavyBlue
Level 4: Eggplant/Purple
Level 5/6 and Teen: Black

Pink Ballet Slippers – elastic securely sewn on, laces tucked in

Hair in a Ballet Bun:   How to create a Ballet Bun


Girls – Jazz
◊ Leotard or Dance Camisole – any style or color
◊ Jazz Pants, Capri pants, tights or leggings
◊ Tan Jazz Shoes ◊ Hair pulled back off of face and neck – neat and secure

Girls – Tap
◊ Leotard or Dance Camisole – any style, any color
◊ Jazz Pants, Capri pants, tights or leggings
◊ Black Tap Shoes ◊ Hair pulled back off of face and neck – neat and secure

BOYS – Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Combination Classes
◊ Solid color T-shirt (no lettering), well-fitted
◊ Black Dance Pants – any style
◊ Black Tap, jazz, or ballet slippers

Girls and Boys: comfortable clothing or dance wear and Dance Sneakers or athletic shoes.

◊ Pink or White Tights, or Bare Legs
◊ Leotard – any style or color
◊ Pink Ballet Slippers/ Black Tap Shoes – elastic securely sewn on
◊ Hair pulled back off of face and neck – neat and secure

Additional Notes

Classroom Etiquette and Attire

Proper classroom etiquette and attire is essential to the education and training of a dancer. The following rules are universal and are followed by all major dance programs and professional companies. We ask that you apply them at Dance Connection as well.

Classroom Etiquette for Dancers

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to prepare yourself appropriately for class. If late, wait for the exercise in progress to be over before entering the studio. Students arriving late may be asked to observe instead of participate.
  • If a student needs to leave early, he/she must ask the teacher’s permission before class begins. Please exit discreetly so as not to disrupt class.
  • Water bottles are encouraged. Dancers may drink during transition times,
    not while the teacher is talking and/or instructing.
  • Stay in the back of the room if you do not know the combination.
  • Students should never stop in the middle of an exercise unless an injury is sustained.
  • Eyes and attention must always be on the teacher. Talking, leaning on the barre, yawning or leaving class before it is over is not acceptable.
  • Be appreciative of corrections and apply them. Students will progress only as well as they can take corrections.
  • Do not talk back to your teacher regardless of the situation. It is improper to question the teacher’s authority. If you have a problem, you may talk to the teacher after class.
  • Be kind to your classmates. A positive attitude and tone must be kept at all times in the studio and dressing room. Displays of temper and rudeness are unacceptable. Your teacher reserves the right to ask you to leave if negative behavior is observed.
  • After class, applaud your teacher and thank him/her for class (in Ballet, a bow or curtsey is appropriate).
  • Keep your things neat, in your dance bag and off of the studio floor during class.
  • No gum chewing, eating or drinking (except water) is allowed in the studios, and use the trash can!
  • Do not wear your dance shoes outside the studio and do not wear street shoes inside the studio, this preserves the life of your dance wear and the life of our dance floors.
  • Please label shoes and other personal items and do not bring valuables to the studio.
  • If you have a cell phone, turn it off.
  • Please leave the dance studio area as soon as your class is over. Remaining in the studio to chat with friends, etc. creates a disturbance and often delays the beginning of the next class.
  • Parents and siblings who are observing a class should remain quiet at all times. If this is not possible, please wait in the waiting area.
  • Parents wishing to discuss their child’s progress with the teacher should leave a message on the studio phone, or send an email and the teacher will return the call or email in a timely fashion. It is very difficult for the teachers to maintain their tight class schedules if they are answering parents’ questions in between classes. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.
  • “Sloppy attire encourages sloppy performance. Dress beautifully and the dancing will follow!” Would you wear ballet attire to hip hop? Of course not, so why would you wear hip hop attire to ballet? You will dance as you have dressed. Your attire sets the tone for how you will dance. Warm-ups may be worn during barre/ warm-up at the teacher’s discretion. Your teacher reserves the right to ask you to observe class if you are not dressed appropriately


The teaching staff at Dance Connection works hard each week to provide your children with the best possible dance class they can offer. Please help us by observing the following studio rules:

  • No cell phones. Turn the ringer off. If it is an emergency, please discreetly leave the room to talk on your phone.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks on the dance floor and in the studio. This includes toddlers, siblings, and coffee. Dancers are encouraged to bring a re-usable or recyclable water bottle.
  • No sitting on the dance floor space, even in chairs. The studio foyer in L5 near the garage door may be used as a watching area. If it is full, use the lobby viewing area. In J2, the hallway must remain clear at all times. Please view class from the dressing room or the J office.
  • If you would like to visit with other parents, please use the lobby viewing area or outdoor space where you are welcome to talk. We respectfully request no talking among the dance class viewers in the dance space.
  • Do not allow your children to touch the mirrors. This is a very important safety issue! Not only are they glass, and breakable, but every little finger produces a print which lasts until those large mirrors are cleaned once again.
  • Keep all young children completely under your control. Toddlers may not run loose inside. Please explore the area with your young child outdoors.
  • Leave the teaching to us. Even if you have been, or are a professional and qualified dancer, while your child is in class, let us do the teaching. You can practice all you want with your child at home.
  • Dance class is also the perfect opportunity to teach a variety of other important life-lessons. Self- confidence, improvisation, perseverance, respect, consideration, discipline, appreciation, and the importance of giving one’s heartfelt effort are just a few. We strive to teach our dancers the value of a solid dance education, as well as dance etiquette skills that will be useful throughout life.We value all of our wonderful parents, and know that we all want the same thing from our dance class experience: to give our students the best possible dance education. Thank you for helping us to reach our goals in a positive way.