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Natalie Child Camisole Leotard – $19

Child sizes: small, intermediate, medium, large

Natalie Adult Camisole Leotard – $25.00

Adult sizes: small, medium, large, XL

Level 1B: White
Level 2B: Lavender
Level 3:NavyBlue
Level 4: Eggplant/Purple
Level 5: Black
Level 6: Teal

Tights in ballet pink or tan in a microfiber blend for durability.

Child: $8.99                                           Adult: $11.99


Children’s Ballet Slipper $19.99 in child sizes 8-13.5 in pink, black* or white*



Children’s Slip On Tap Shoe $29.50 in child sizes 8-13.5



Elastic Tap Ties to turn tie-style tap shoes into Slip On Shoes $5.00/set of two



*Oxford style children’s tap shoe $39.00 in child sizes 8-13.5



Jazz boot in tan or black $39.00 in child and adult* sizes.



Lyrical foot paws in nude $20.00 in adult sizes S, M, L



*items may require special order.

We recommend online orders through Discount Dance:
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