Congratulations to Alana Gordon for being selected for the Hollywood Vibe Company!

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 PADCYE Merit Scholarship Recipients:

Vit Nguyen – Ballet
Kaitlyn Chen – Jazz
Evie Barclay – Contemporary
Bella Nguyen – Hip Hop
Kayley Ko – Tap
Dancers are selected by Company Audition, Application Submission, Service to our Community, and Core Values.

Dance Connection Performing Company Dancers at Nationals!

Hollywood Vibe Nationals in Las Vegas 2021:

We congratulate Platinum performance awards for Sophie, Kennedy, and Alana

Scoring TOP FIVE: Sophie and Bella with Pumpin’ Iron

Top 10 Alana for Junior Dancer of the Year

Kids Artistic Revue Competition: May 8, 2021

KAR Competition Results

KAR OVERALL and Title Awards 2021

Hollywood Vibe 2021

Scholarships and Convention Awards:


Team Hollywood Vibe: Caitlin Segal


Excellence Award (50% discount on a regional convention): Marita Ye

Team Hollywood Vibe (multiple city and Nationals convention scholarships): Alana Gordon and Emilie Ko

Junior Regional Dancer of the Year: Alana Gordon


LA Agency Finalist: Kianna Ye

Hip Hop Scholarship: Sophia Kim


LA Agency Finalist: Kennedy Do

Tap Scholarship: Vit Do

Hollywood Vibe (regional scholarship) Kayley Ko


LA Agency Finalist: Isabella Nguyen

Team Hollywood Vibe: Ezra Tock and Lana Vogler

Grand Prize (a week of unlimited classes in LA, cash prize, unlimited conventions and Nationals scholarships and an audition with a panel of 6 talent agencies) Sophie Lamm


Annihilation: VIBE Award, 1st teen hip hop large group, 1st overall teen division

Blank Canvas: VIBE Award, Judges choice for Best Direction, 1st junior small group contemporary, 1st overall junior division

Beauty: VIBE Award, 2nd senior contemporary small group, Judges choice for Best Direction, 2nd overall senior division

Malfunction: VIBE Award, 5th overall senior division

Control; Platinum, 1st place jazz, 2nd overall junior

Si J’Etais La: Platinum, 1st place lyrical, 3rd overall junior

Wild Thing: Platinum, 1st place contemporary, 4th overall junior

Broadway Baby: Platinum

Shakespeare Sonnets: Platinum, 1st place contemporary duo, 2nd overall junior

Blue Suede Shoes: Platinum, 1st place tap duo/trio, 1st junior overall

Lacrimosa: Platinum

Brazil: Platinum, 4th overall teen duo/trio

La Vie En Rose: Platinum, 2nd teen contemporary, 3rd overall teen solo

Odalisque Variation: Platinum, 1st teen ballet

Mama: Platinum, 1st teen jazz

The World We Made: Platinum

Shake Your Groove Thing: High Gold

Get Up: High Gold

Paquita: High Gold, 1st teen ballet duo/trio

Hit the Road Jack: High Gold, 1st tap

Cypher: Platinum, 1st place open, 3rd overall senior solo

Maybe We’ll See: Platinum, 3rd contemporary, 4th overall senior solo

Lucky Strike: Platinum, 1st in tap, 5th overall senior solo

Dangerous: Platinum, 1st in jazz

Drowning: High Gold

The Creek: High Gold

Yesterday’s Tomorrow: High Gold, Judges Choice

Pumping Iron, Platinum, 1st in hip hop, 1st overall senior duo/trio

Hollow: Platinum, 1st in contemporary, 2nd overall senior duo/trio

Broken: Platinum, 3rd in contemporary, 5th overall senior duo/trio

Ain’t Too Proud: Platinum, 1st junior small group theatre, 2nd overall junior small group

MILK: Platinum, 1st junior small group jazz, 5th overall junior small group

Future Nostalgia: High Gold

Insane: Platinum, 1st teen hip hop small group, 4th teen overall

Come Together: Platinum, 2nd teen jazz small group

Baby Boy: Platinum, 1st senior jazz small group

Find Me: High Gold

Black Car: Platinum, 2nd senior jazz small group

Pompeii: Platinum, 1st teen tap small group

That Other Girl: High Gold

Table Talk: Platinum, 3rd teen contemporary small group, 3rd overall

To Love Me: Platinum, 1st teen contemporary small group, 1st overall

Who’s That Girl: Platinum

The Empress: Platinum, 5th overall

Gospel: Platinum

Home With You: High Gold

Dream Girls: High Gold, 1st senior musical theater

DCPC Royals Production 2019

Our 2019 DCPC Company with Miss Alexa before our first competition at LADM!

Congratulations to the 2020 Palo Alto Dance Connection Youth Ensemble Merit Scholarship Award Winners:

Kennedy Do: Merit Award

Manon Balas: Contemporary Award

Kayley Ko: Jazz Award

Isabella Yang: Ballet Award

Isabella Nguyen: Hip Hop Award

Emily Chen and Chloe Cho: Ambassador Awards

Evie Barclay and Sophie Lamm: Studio Awards

Dancers are selected by Company Audition, Application submission, Service to our Community, and Core Values.