Q: How do I know which classes are full?

A: When viewing the class schedule online, all open classes will appear in green, while all closed or full classes will appear in red. A pending class will also appear in red. You may register to be put on the numbered wait list at no charge.

Q: What happens if I register for a class and my child doesn’t like it?

A: We have a two week written notice drop or cancellation policy. This may include an email or downloaded drop form. Please contact us at once. We will be glad to suggest other class options which may include a different type of class. Tuition is due during this two week period, but refundable beyond the second week.

Q: Why is there an extra charge on my account when I go to register?

A: There is a registration fee which is calculated as soon as you enter your information into our system. This is an annual fee which is calculated each fall season. Returning students have a discounted annual registration fee.

Q: I thought I wanted to register now, but changed my mind and now have a registration and tuition fee on my account.
How do I remove it?

A: Please email info@danceconnectionpaloalto.com to have your accounted edited. We can delete your enrollment until you are ready to register for a class. The registration fee will remain on your account, and the tuition fees are credited.

Q: I registered for a class, paid the fees and received an email confirmation.
Now I want to switch classes. How do I make this change?

A: You may edit your class selections until midnight EST on the day you register. After that time, any changes must be made through the admin office. Please email info@danceconnectionpaloalto.com to make any changes.

Q: If I list “Do not send emails” how will I receive information about important events such as performance information.

A: All of our information is distributed via email, and we never compromise our client’s information. If you choose not to receive emails, you will be responsible for finding out any information on your own through our website or at the studio. We have become paperless and will not send out mailings.

Q: I have two children who want to dance.
Do you have a family discount, and why is that not showing up when I go to pay when I register?

A: Families receive 10% discounts on additional family members. Upon registering, the system will calculate this discount at midnight EST, therefore the discount will appear as a credit on the first month you register and will be adjusted each additional month. The credit will apply to your general account.

Q: How do I access my account information online, pay my bill, or view costume or performance information?

A: To view your online dance account, proof your costume order or pay your bill online, please login to your dance account in the top right corner of our website, or the “register” link on the homepage. Enter your email and password to access your account. If you have never set up a password, or have forgotten it, you may click on the “forgot your password” and you may set up a new one.

Look to the right side of the screen under “My Classes” and click on the option you want.

To drop a class or make a class transfer, please send an email to info@danceconnectionpaloalto.com.

Click on the “View Costumes and Performances” link. This will show the performance information at the top followed by the costume information, then the student measurement info. The costume info will list all possible costume pieces for every dancer in that class which may include child and adult sizes and girl and boy costumes. If the Size Description is blank, no costume will be ordered. You will not be able to change or edit this information yourself, so please email to have anything edited.

On the right side of the page, you will find “My Account” which allows you to click on various options. You will have the option to submit a one-time payment or enroll in the recurring payment plan. You will also be able to view all account activity. Please follow the prompts until the final “Thank You” page when making a payment. You should receive an email receipt for your payment promptly.