Coppelia 2013
2013 Spring Ballet Recital

Friday, April 19 7:00 p.m. Cast #1 Performance at Spangenberg Theatre
Saturday, April 20 2:00 p.m. Cast #1 Performance at Spangenberg Theatre
Saturday, April 20 7:00 p.m. Cast #2 Performance at Spangenberg Theatre
Sunday, April 21 3:00 p.m. Cast #2 Performance at Spangenberg Theatre

Spangenberg Theatre
780 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Welcome to the Coppelia Cast & Crew Ballet Information Center!


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Makeup Guidelines Information

Hair Bun Instructions


Coppleia Programs

Cast #1 Program

Cast #2 Program


Download a copy of the final Coppelia DVD Order Proof here.


Coppelia Volunteers
We are using “Jooners,” an online volunteer organizational tool for our Coppelia performance volunteering. Our event could not happen without all of the many dedicated parents who do any number of jobs from altering costumes to moving sets to working backstage at the performances. The volunteer jobs listed below offer a brief description. Click on the link which follows each job to see more detailed information and volunteer online. Most jobs include complimentary admission for that performance in available rear seating. Moving and set up jobs come with comp tix to will call. Please take a moment to see how you can help make our Coppelia Ballet production become a reality!

Click on a tltle below if you wish to volunteer.

Coppelia Moving Sets from the studio to Spangenberg Theatre on Monday, 4/15 from 1:30-3:00
Wear work clothing; some lifting and lots of moving.
2 comp tix.

Coppelia Theatre Set Up on Monday 4/15 and/or Tuesday 4/16 between 3:00-9:00
Hanging theatre backdrops, setting lighting, laying the flooring. All or part of this time on one or both days.
2 comp tix.

Coppelia Lobby Decoration/Display
Create a photo display with the DC group and solo photos of each cast. Photos and display board provided. Set up at all performances and take down and return to the studio after the Sunday show. Complimentary admission in the rear section for all shows.

Coppelia Backstage Supervision
Supervise the dancers backstage during the performance for the duration of the show.

Coppelia Passing out programs at performances
Pass out programs to guests before each performance.

Coppelia Ticket Sales before Performance
Selling tickets in the ticket booth 1 hour prior to each performance.

Coppelia Performance Usher
Arrive 1 hr prior to curtain and work the duration of the performance.
Comp ticket for back row provided for working performance.

Coppelia Theatre Strike/Clean Up on Sunday, 4/21 5:30-7:00
Clean up the theatre, take down and pack away the scenic backdrops,
and load the moving truck to return everything to our studio. 2 comp tix.

Coppelia Moving from the studio to WBO on Wednesday, 4/24 time TBD
Return rental items to West Bay Opera.
2 comp tix.


Dance Classes the week before Tech Week: Studio Dress Rehearsal: 4/8-4/13

Dancers wear their full ballet costume to class, including hair style. Tights may be saved for the performance, but be sure they are tried on for fit. **These micro-fiber tights are EXTREMELY stretchy. Label everything. If dancers have more than one dance class on that day, please be sure to bring complete hanger and/or bag so all costume pieces and accessories are put back for a change into dancewear.

Studio Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, April 13 ----in L5 2:00-6:00 for Cast #1 AND
Studio Dress Rehearsal on Sunday, April 14 ----in L5 2:00-6:00 for Cast #2

Each act will rehearse twice

2:00-3:30 Act 1 The Village
Village Children (Wed 5:00), Swanhilda, Franz, Friends, Dr. Coppelius, Mayor, Harvest Maidens (Fri 3:45), Mazurka (Fri 5:30), Golden Wheat (Thurs 5:00), Czardas and Trio (Tues 6:15), Boys (Sat 1:45)

3:15- 4:45 Act 2: The Toy Shop

Music Box Dancers (Wed & Thurs 3:30), Tin Soldier Dolls (Mon 4:45), Puppets (Tues 5:45), Bolero (Fri 4:45 & Sat 11:45), Scottish (Mon 4:00 & Thurs 4:15), Swanhilda, Friends, Franz, Dr. Coppelius

4:30-6:00 Act 3: The Village Square

Village Maidens (Wed 4:15 2B), Hours, Dawn (Tues 5:15) & Soloist, Prayer (Wed 5:15), Little Prayers (Wed 4:15 & Sat 11:00) and Soloist, Harvest Maidens (Fri 3:45), Peace (Tues 3:30&4:15), Swanhilda, Friends, Boys, Franz, Mayor, Village Children (Wed 5:00), Dr. Coppelius

Photo Schedule on Sunday, April 14 --- in K5 12:30-5:00

Each class has a rehearsal time and a photo time. Photos are in K5. Dancers in each act must arrive first to K5 for their photo, then go to L5 for the rehearsal. All dancers will be photographed in their rehearsal and performance order, which is the same order listed above. Cast #1 will be photographed first, then cast #2 in cases where there are two casts of dancers for the same role. Only two classes of dancers will be admitted into the K5 studio at a time due to space constraints. Please bring a cover-up and wait outside K5 until your group is called in. This photo session is closed to observers.
Each dancer will receive a group 5x7 photo. Additional photos may be ordered as well as individual and buddy photos through our website. Please login to your account and click on "online shopping" at the bottom left of the page to place a photo order in advance on or before 4/13 for any extra photo orders. The same is true for the DVD of the performance.
Bold time slot indicates the time allotted for each Act. The breakdown below estimates the time each group will be photographed. Dancers should arrive by the time indicated for their role. There may be a break before the rehearsal time in L5.

12:30-2:00 Act 1 (level 6 dancers in cast order for casts #1-4)
12:30-2:00: Friends, Franz, Dr. Coppelius, Swanhilda
12:30: Mazurka
12:45: Golden Wheat
1:00: Boys
1:15: Czardas
1:30: Harvest Maidens

1:45-3:15 Act 2
1:45: Music Box Dancers
2:00: Tin Soldier Dolls
2:15: Puppets
2:30: Bolero
2:45: Scottish

3:00-4:30 Act 3
3:00: March of the Bell
3:15: Hours
3:30: Dawn & Soloist
3:45: Prayer & Soloist
4:00: Little Prayers
4:15: Peace
4:30: Village Children

5:00-5:30 Extra as scheduled


Coppelia Performance Fee

Every dancer participating in the Coppelia Ballet will be charged a performance fee of $40.00 which includes a professionally recorded performance DVD, a 5x7 group photo, and all extra rehearsals. Extra individual, buddy, and group photos may be ordered online. Extra copies of the DVDs may be ordered directly through the videographer.

Coppelia Performance Costumes

Coppelia Performance Costumes Each class from the primary to advanced levels will be cast in a role in the ballet. Each student will have only one role, even if they take multiple classes each week. The teacher will determine the casting (which class each student performs with) in cases where the students are in several classes. The costume measurements that were taken in class will be listed in your dance account online by 12/17. New Convertible ballet pink tights will be included in all female costume orders, so the students need only to have ballet slippers supplied themselves. Please review your online costume order to be sure that only one costume is on order for your dancer. Only an item with a size listed will be ordered, but all costume information for each class taken will appear. If there is no size listed, there is no costume ordered. Please note the deadline for any changes or edits to your order. We will have an initial early order before Winter Break, and a late costume order in January. The January order will incur higher costume fees for the separate shipping charges---anywhere from $10-$30 more. If you are unable to participate in the ballet, please send an email through our website, and we will be happy to set your account to "not performing" and remove any associated charges. Order changes or cancellations may not be made after 1/1/13.

Coppelia Costume Order

Final costume measurements will be entered into our system on Saturday 1/5. Please login to your dance account between January 6 - January 8 to proof your costume size on order for your dancer. Any changes must be made by midnight on 1/8/13. Please remember these are custom costume orders, and a cancellation is not possible once the order is placed. A costume size change will result in a cancellation and a late order, thus very expensive after the order is placed.

Coppelia Costume Size Proofing: Sunday, January 6 - Tuesday, January 8

Email any changes or cancellations to Cindy at or as an email reply.

Coppelia Costumes

1. Please review the Casting download to view the class and role for your dancer.

2. Login to your dance account by clicking on the login link at the top of the homepage on our website []

3. Enter your email address as your login, then your password. If you forgot the password, simply create a new one by clicking on the "forgot" link

4. You will see your account with the dancer and classes on the left side. Click on the option to "View Costumes and Performances."

5. You will find the Event/Performance Info, Costume Info, and Student Measurement Info for each child. Confirm that the Casting List class role corresponds to the costume being ordered in your dance account.

6. Proof the costume order. All costume info for a class will be listed, but only an item with a SIZE LISTED under Size Description will be ordered. For instance, if there is a boy in the class, you will see a boy costume listed. If there are dancers who may wear adult size tights and some who may wear child size tights, you will see both listed. There is only an item on order if there is a size in the Size Description. Click on the Sizing Chart to compare the size and measurements for your child with the factory sizing chart for their costume. Click on the PDF download for the class costume to view the specific costume information and photo and the tights sizing chart.

7. Do nothing if your account and sizes are correct. Any changes must be emailed to Cindy at by 1/8/13.

Costume Sizing Chart

To view your dancer's costume size and information
Download Girls-Womens-Size Chart.

Costumes by Class

4:00- 4:45 - 5:45

Level 6 Soloists and Friends


3:30 - 4:15 - 5:15 - 5:45 - 6:15


3:30 - 4:15 - 5:15

5 Level 2A


3:30 - 4:15 - 5:00


3:45 - 4:45 - 5:30


11:00 - 1:00 - 1:45